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This fascinating group of mainly Alpine Plants is regaining the popularity it enjoyed a generation ago. The Saxifrage Society has been formed to promote the cultivation of the genus and encourage their study in gardens and in the wild.


Illustrated Talks, Educational Visits
Research Projects, Specified Collections

Members Receive:

A yearly Saxifrage Magazine
Use of the slide library
Horticultural and Botanical Information
Advice on cultivation and identification

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Saxifrage Society is to encourage the cultivation and enjoyment of Saxifrages in gardens and in the wild

to further this aim it will

  • Promote such activities as lectures, plants displays and practical workshops
  • Give advice on such issues as cultivation, identification and nomenclature
  • Publish a magazine at least once a year which will contain material on Saxifrages and on their cultivation
  • Maintain a collection of reference material relating to Saxifrages.
S.'flagellaris ssp. flagellaris

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