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Sergio Bacci Cup 1995

The first award of the Sergio Bacci Cup attracted a wide range of interest among members. Altogether there were 49 cultivars on the list from which members chose:


S. x goringana 'Nancye'

Winton Harding

S. x abingdonensis 'Judith Shackleton'  
Jason Shackleton
3 = S. x poluanglica 'Red Poll' Winton Harding

S. x lismorensis 'Lismore Carmine' Brian Burrow
5. S. oppositifolia 'Theoden' Brian Burrow
6. S. x poluanglica 'Peter Burrow' Brian Burrow
7. S. 'Bohemia' Miroslav Kraus
8. S. x polulacina 'Kathleen'      Ray Fairbairn
9 = S. 'Lismore Cherry' Brian Burrow/Geoff Rollinson

S. x youngiana 'Lilac Time' Winton Harding

As the raiser of S. 'Nancye', the winner of the Sergio Bacci Cup for 1995 was Winton Harding. 'Nancye' is a distinctive cultivar which involves the original use of S. cinerea as a hybrid parent. As Winton Harding has written of 'Nancye', "the attractiveness of this plant lies in the rather unusual and striking colour of the flowers which are borne in graceful cymes clear of the foliage". 'Nancye' received an Award of Merit in March 1990, has become well established in members collections, and our congratulations go to Winton Harding for raising it. Winton Harding is also responsible for the first cross using S. poluninana, 'Red Poll' which came joint third and 'Lilac Time' which came joint ninth.


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