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Image of Saxifraga paniculata 'Harold Bevington' by Paul Kennett : - click to view the full size picture

Saxifraga paniculata 'Harold Bevington'

  • Description : leaf rosettes
  • Class : cultivated
  • Location : RHS Wisley Garden, Surrey, England
  • Photographer : Paul Kennett
  • Click here to view this as a full page
Copyright of this image remains with the photographer shown
Saxifraga paniculata 'Harold Bevington' : one of 1500+ images in SaxBase:


SaxBase is a continuous work in progress.  Its objective is to hold details about all the botanical and horticultural taxa in the genus Saxifraga, and eventually the family Saxifragaceae. At present it contains all botanic taxa as per Saxifrages: the Complete List of Species, with some updates, plus all the cultivar names as per Saxifrages: the Complete Cultivars and Hybrids.  Other genera are being added 

Images and functionality are being added as time allows. There are over 4000 taxa listed, and more than 1000 images associated with them. Thanks are due to all our contributors, who have helped make this possible.

You can navigate up and down through the accepted ranks within Saxifraga, and from there "explore Saxifrage space" by walking the relationships between species and crosses, cultivars and parents, and taxa and synonyms. 

You can view showcases of images at several levels of rank, or indeed for individual taxa. When browsing, you can exclude or include Horticultural taxa, Extinct Cultivars, Hybrids and Invalid Taxa by setting Saxbase filters using the gadgets at the top right of pages

You can search taxa by partial names, or select them by section and whether they are botanical or horticultural. You can list and filter Cultivars in a particular group. or view the cultivars originating from a particular breeder or source.  Or simply view a list of all images, or just the latest ones.  Take a look at our images that need name corrections or confirmation.

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