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SaxBase Development Plan

SaxBase has evolved significantly since its inception but ultimately the intention is to provide detailed information about all Saxifragaceae.  It will continue to grow in coverage, detail and structure, as and when I have time to do so.  Suggestions for enhancements are always entertained and offers to assist in adding detail to the database would also be gladly accepted.  This does not require technical expertise, only the ability to input info into a spreadsheet which I would then import.  Here is a list of what is planned and what is in progress:

Ref Development Notes Status
6 Addition of illustrations As received Ongoing
12 Addition of notes, links As received Ongoing
23 Add plant descriptions;etc. Started: ability to add Common Names for languages In Progress
24 Add wild info: geographic info etc. Added continental distribution In Progress
27 Add flower colour etc.   Awaiting
53 Selection of representative images for Genera, Series, Sections etc. Started: for Sections only In Progress
55 Extending coverage to other genera of Saxifragaceae Wild completed except for Astilbe, Chrysosplenium, Heuchera.  Cultivars to do.  Incomplete genera are indicated. In Progress
61 Integration with Society Slide Database Needs update of Slide database Awaiting
62 Add flat list of subtaxa with print-friendly format Done for Cultivars, started for Wild taxa In Progress
68 Where many images present, only primary shown with link to full list   Awaiting


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