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SaxBase was conceived, designed and implemented by me.  I acknowledge the advice and encouragement of several Society membersThanks also to Kees Jan van Zwienen, from whose site I inherited lots of photos.  Below is a complete list of photographers: click on the link to view their personal gallery, my thanks to them all.
Ad van Zwienen
Adrian Young
Arie Dekker
Eugeniy Tarasov
Franz Hadacek
Hannelotte Kindlund
Kees Jan van Zwienen
Malcolm McGregor
Marijn van den Brink
Paul Kennett
Tony Goode
Saxifrage Society Slide Library
Dr. Herbert Wagner
Mark Childerhouse
Tim Roberts
Jan Bürgel
Christian Puff
Alan Dunkley
Pete Boardman
Dieter Zschummel
George Smith
Ger van den Beuken
Mike Ireland
Jozef Lemmens
Răzvan Chişu
Klaus Schropp
Wilfried Franz
Hugo Gutschi
Guohua Xia
Heribert Köckinger
C. Berg
David Hoare
Dr. Gerald Schneeweiß
Hans Meulenbelt
Gillian Regan
Jos van Bergen
Jennifer McCallum
Rick Lambert
Harry Jans

I am on the lookout for additional images of Saxifrages to add to the site, and if anybody has the time, help in adding missing data. Please contact me by email ( for details if you are interested.  All images will be fully credited and the owner will of course retain copyright. 

Although I have the ability to scan slides and negatives, regrettably I do not have the capacity to deal with a large number, but I may be persuaded if they show unusual plants or are top quality. My preferred method would be images ready-scanned as TIFFs written to a CD.

If you have your own web site with images or information pages about saxifrages, I can embed or link to them from the relevant pages within SaxBase. 

Suggestions for improvements, and corrections to any wrong information you spot are also appreciated. 

Paul Kennett

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