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Astilbe   Buch.-Ham. ex G. Don   

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Rank: Genus Ref: Saxifrages: The Complete List Of Species
Contained within: Saxifragaceae  
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Plant Information:

Common Names:

Continental Distribution:       
highlighted continents indicate continents where taxon is native
highlighted continents indicate continents where taxon is native
  • About 18 species

Subtaxa:- (List incomplete) (? indicates doubt over placement, gray links indicate non-accepted taxa)

Astilbe biternata  (Vent.) Kearney  
Astilbe chinensis  (Maxim.) Franch. & Sav.  
Astilbe glaberrima  Nakai  
Astilbe grandis  E. H. Wilson  
Astilbe japonica  (C. Morren & Decne.) A. Gray  
Astilbe longicarpa  Hayata  
Astilbe macrocarpa  Knoll  
Astilbe macroflora  Hayata  
Astilbe microphylla  Knoll  
Astilbe philippensis  A. Henry  
Astilbe rivularis  Buch.-Ham.  
Astilbe rubra  Hook. f.  
Astilbe simplicifolia  Makino  
Astilbe thunbergii  Miq.  
Astilbe x amabilis  H. Hara  
Astilbe x crispa  (Arends) Bergmans  
Hoteia  C. Morren & Decne.


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