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Lithophragma   (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray   

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Rank: Genus Ref: Saxifrages: The Complete List Of Species Image Gallery
Contained within: Saxifragaceae  
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Image of Lithophragma parviflorum by Malcolm McGregor : - click to view the full size picture

Lithophragma parviflorum

  • Description : inflorescence
  • Class : cultivated
  • Location : Yorkshire, UK
  • Photographer : Malcolm McGregor
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Copyright of this image remains with the photographer shown
Plant Information:

Common Names:

Continental Distribution:       
highlighted continents indicate continents where taxon is native

Subtaxa: (? indicates doubt over placement, gray links indicate non-accepted taxa)

Lithophragma affine  A. Gray  
Lithophragma bolanderi  A. Gray  
Lithophragma campanulatum  T. J. Howell  
Lithophragma cymbalaria  Torr. & A. Gray  
Lithophragma glabrum  Nutt.  
Lithophragma heterophyllum  (Hook. & Arn.) Hook. & Arn.  
Lithophragma maximum  Bacig.  
Lithophragma parviflorum  (Hooker) Nutt.   This taxon is illustrated 
Lithophragma tenellum  Nutt.  
Lithophragma trifoliatum  Eastw.  
Lithophragma anemonoides  Greene  
Lithophragma australe  Rydb.  
Lithophragma australis  Rydb.  
Lithophragma austromontana  A. A. Heller  
Lithophragma austromontanum  A. A. Heller  
Lithophragma bolanderii  A. Gray  
Lithophragma breviloba  Rydb.  
Lithophragma brevilobum  Rydb.  
Lithophragma bulbifera  Rydb.  
Lithophragma bulbiferum  Rydb.  
Lithophragma campanulata  T. J. Howell  
Lithophragma catalinae  Rydb.  
Lithophragma glabra  Nutt.  
Lithophragma heterophylla  Torr. & A. Gray  
Lithophragma intermedia  Rydb.  
Lithophragma intermedium  Rydb.  
Lithophragma laciniata  Eastw.  
Lithophragma laciniatum  Eastw.  
Lithophragma maxima  Bacig.  
Lithophragma micrantha  Nutt.  
Lithophragma micranthum  Nutt.  
Lithophragma nudicaulis  Nutt.  
Lithophragma parviflora  Nutt.  
Lithophragma parvifolia  Walp.  
Lithophragma rupicola  Greene  
Lithophragma scabrella  Greene  
Lithophragma scabrellum  Greene  
Lithophragma tenella  Nutt.  
Lithophragma thompsonii  Hoover  
Lithophragma trifida  Eastw.  
Lithophragma trifidum  Eastw.  
Lithophragma trifoliata  Eastw.  
Lithophragma triloba  Rydb.  
Lithophragma trilobum  Rydb.  
Lithophragma tripartita  Greene  
Lithophragma tripartitum  Greene  
Lithophragma williamsii  (D. C. Eaton) Greene  
No synonyms


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