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Mitella   L.   

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Rank: Genus Ref: Saxifrages: The Complete List Of Species Image Gallery
Contained within: Saxifragaceae  
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Plant Information:

Common Names:

Continental Distribution:       
highlighted continents indicate continents where taxon is native
highlighted continents indicate continents where taxon is native
  • Shown to be a polyphyletic group in Y. Okuyama et al. ( Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 46 (2008) 560-575) so may need to split into 6 small genera.
  • About 20 species, mainly in Japan. Also China, Taiwan and N. America

Subtaxa: (? indicates doubt over placement, gray links indicate non-accepted taxa)

Mitella acerina  Makino  
Mitella breweri  A. Gray  
Mitella caulescens  Nutt.  
Mitella diphylla  L.  
Mitella diversifolia  Greene  
Mitella doiana  Ohwi  
Mitella formosana  (Hayata) Masam.  
Mitella furusei  Ohwi  
Mitella integripetala  Boiss.  
Mitella japonica  Miq.  
Mitella kiusiana  Makino  
Mitella koshiensis  Ohwi  
Mitella leiopetala  Ohwi & Okuyama  
Mitella nuda  L.  
Mitella ovalis  Greene  
Mitella pentandra  Hooker   This taxon is illustrated 
Mitella stauropetala  Piper  
Mitella stylosa  Boiss.   This taxon has illustrated subtaxa 
Mitella trifida  Graham  
Mitella yoshinagae  Hara  
Mitella x intermedia  Bruhin  
Mitella subg. Asimitellaria  Wakab.  
Mitella acerifolia  Schlecht.  
Mitella anomala  Piper  
Mitella cordifolia  Lam.  
Mitella diversiloba  Piper  
Mitella grandiflora  Pursh.  
Mitella hallii  Howell  
Mitella intermedia  Bruhin  
Mitella latiflora  Fedde  
Mitella longiscapa  Makino  
Mitella makinoi  Hara  
Mitella micrantha  Piper  
Mitella obconica  Ohwi  
Mitella oppositifolia  Rydb.  
Mitella pacifica  Fedde  
Mitella parryi  (Piper) A. Nelson  
Mitella parviflora  D. Dietr.  
Mitella pauciflora  Rosend.  
Mitella prostrata  Michx.  
Mitella reniformis  Lam.  
Mitella stenopetala  Piper  
Mitella violacea  (Rydb.) Rosend.  
Mitella x grayana  Engler  
Mitella x inami  Ohwi & Okuyama  
Mitella x tiarelloides  Engler  
Drummondia  DC.
Mitellastra  T. J. Howell
Mitellopsis  Meisn.
Ozomelis  Rafinesque
Pectiantia  Rafinesque


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