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Saxifraga sect. Bronchiales   Decaisne (2014)  

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Rank: Section Ref: The Saxifrage Magazine No 23 : ISSN 1475 - 1577 Image Gallery
Contained within: Saxifraga  
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Genus Saxifraga
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Image of Saxifraga rebunshirensis by Mike Ireland : - click to view the full size picture

Saxifraga rebunshirensis

  • Description : AGSJ250 - close up of flowering shoots and leaves
  • Class : cultivated
  • Location : pot, AGS show east Anglia 1994, UK
  • Photographer : Mike Ireland
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Subtaxa: (? indicates doubt over placement, gray links indicate non-accepted taxa)

Saxifraga austromontana  Wiegand   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga bronchialis  L.  
Saxifraga caulescens  Sipliv.  
Saxifraga cherlerioides  D. Don  
Saxifraga derbekii  Sipliv.  
Saxifraga funstonii  (Small) Fedde   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga kruhsiana  Ser.  
Saxifraga nishidae  Miyabe & Kudô  
Saxifraga omolojensis  A. P. Khokhr.  
Saxifraga rebunshirensis  (Engler & Irmscher) Sipliv.   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga spinulosa  Adams  
Saxifraga taylorii  Calder & Savile  
Saxifraga tricuspidata  Rottb.   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga vespertina  (Small) Fedde  
Saxifraga algisii  T. V. Egorova & Sipliv.  
Saxifraga anadyrensis  Losinskaya  
Saxifraga arinae  Zhmylev  
Saxifraga ascoldica  Sipliv.  
Saxifraga codyana  Zhmylev  
Saxifraga densa  Sternb.  
Saxifraga firma  Losinskaya  
Saxifraga kolymensis  A. P. Khokhr.  
Saxifraga ledebouriana  Holubec  
Saxifraga microglobularia  A. P. Khokhr.  
Saxifraga monantha  A. P. Khokhr. & V. B. Kuvaev  
Saxifraga stelleriana  Ser.  
Saxifraga submonantha  A. P. Khokhr. & Kuvaev  
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