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Saxifrages from Scratch 

ISBN 0 9526882 5 5
Price ?4.50
4 colour photo pages, + illustrations
by Malcolm McGregor

Saxifrages from Scratch cover (Saxifraga cherlerioides)

For a number of years the SAXIFRAGE SOCIETY has been looking to publish a non-technical volume which will help both members of the Society, and the wider gardening public, with issues such as cultivation, composts, and propagation. SAXIFRAGES FROM SCRATCH is the result of this and the Society is delighted to publish this truly accessible guide to these beautiful plants. There are chapters on the place of saxifrages in the garden, on propagation, on botanical aspects, and on the plants chosen by members as their recommendations in three categories: Plants for Beginners, All-Time Favourites, and the best New Cultivars. Malcolm writes of the plants he loves in a clear and everyday voice which will speak to beginners and experts alike. 

MALCOLM McGREGOR has been growing saxifrages for over 20 years and has been the Editor of the Saxifrage Society since 1993. In 1995 he compiled the International Register: Saxifrages the Complete Cultivars and Hybrids and in 1998 (with Winton Harding) Saxifrages: the Complete List of Species. 
He has travelled widely in Europe and in the Himalayan region looking at and photographing plants in the wild. Malcolm has been a professional lecturer for thirty years as well as having worked in arts administration and in writing computer software - he is now a freelance writer and an enthusiastic lecturer on alpine plants. 
Since September 2000, Malcolm has been the Editor of the Scottish Rock Garden Club.

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