6 Great Cannabis Products to Try [Delta-8, North Carolina]

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There are many great things to see and do in North Carolina. But if you want to add some extra fun to the experience, you may want to consider some of the different delta-8 options on the market.

While recreational marijuana with delta-9 THC is considered illegal in the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act, delta-8 is technically legal for animal or human consumption. That’s why you can find many delta-8 and other hemp-derived cannabinoids at the local dispensary, gas stations, and smoke shops in North Carolina.

Getting lost in all the options is easy, so we’ve created this guide to the delta-8 products available in North Carolina. That way, choosing the right one for you will be much easier.

Read on to learn more.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 THC is similar to other hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, delta-9 THC, and CBN. However, the difference between delta-8 and other hemp-derived products on the market right now is that delta-8 is a psychoactive substance.

This cannabinoid occurs naturally in hemp plants. However, each hemp plant only has very small quantities of delta-8. This is why delta-8 isn’t derived by processing hemp plants. Instead, manufacturers synthesize delta-8 from other cannabinoids like CBD, which is derived from the hemp plant.

When you have pure CBD products, you can synthesize delta-8 through a complex chemical process. Since the process is so complicated, it’s important to make sure that you find the right supplier for your delta-8 THC in North Carolina. That way, you can ensure the products are safe and offer the widest range of benefits.

Best Delta-8 THC Products to Try in North Carolina

Since the Farm Bill made medical marijuana legal in North Carolina under federal law, there have been many delta-8 products hitting the market. The farm bill legalized manufacturing and processing raw hemp plant material as long as it didn’t contain more than 0.2% delta-9 THC.

But since delta-8 wasn’t explicitly banned by state and federal law, these products are legal in North Carolina. This is used in treating many medical conditions like nausea, click here to learn more about treating nausea with it.

Here are some of the best products for North Carolina residents and visitors to try when in the state.

Delta-8 THC Edibles

This is one of the most common cannabis products on the market and some of the most popular. This is because delta-8 edibles allow you to experience the effects of the cannabinoid without smoking or inhaling harmful particles. Instead, all you have to do is eat the edibles and wait for the effects to kick in.

That said, edibles are much stronger than vapes and other smokeable products. This might be great for those used to delta-9, as delta-8 is significantly less potent than delta-8, which means the effects are generally “weaker”.

Delta-8 THC Vapes

Another great option for people looking to experience the effects of marijuana plants is vaporizers. There are many delta-8 THC vapes available on the market. These are concentrates that come in cartridges that you attach to a vaporizer.

This is a very convenient and low-key way to consume cannabis, which is why it’s very popular among marijuana users.

Delta-8 THC Tincture

Delta-8 THC Tincture

Delta-8 tinctures are readily available in North Carolina. These are basically cannabis products that have been steeped in strong alcohol for extended periods of time. These can produce very strong effects, which is why they aren’t recommended for first-time users.

Like any other marijuana product, it’s important to consume delta-8 tinctures safely and in a controlled environment.

Delta-8 THC Flower

If you’re looking for something closer to the classic cannabis experience, you may want to consider buying delta-8 flowers. These are dry marijuana plants that contain delta-8 THC. You can smoke these flowers in a joint, with a pipe, or with a vaporizer.

The effects of delta-8 THC flower products aren’t as strong as edibles or tinctures, but they can still be very enjoyable.

Delta-8 THC Topicals

Another way to enjoy delta-8 in North Carolina is through topicals. These are oils or creams that you rub into your skin. This lets you absorb the delta-8 directly, offering unique effects and experiences.

Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls

If you want to smoke delta-8 flowers but don’t want to go through the hassle of rolling the joint or loading the bowl yourself, pre-rolls may be the best option for you. Pre-rolls can be very convenient and still offer a classic cannabis experience.

Delta-8 THC pre-rolls are readily available at your local smoke shop, so you might want to give them a visit soon.

Choosing the Best Delta-8 Products for Your Needs

All of the delta-8 products above offer their own benefits and drawbacks. For the safest experience, we recommend trying edibles, as you won’t have to inhale any smoke. However, keep in mind that edibles are much stronger than flowers and vapes, so you may want to control your dosage.

The right delta-8 product is different for everyone. So, before you go to your dispensary or gas station to buy some for yourself, make sure to choose the right delta-8 product for your needs.

Is Delta-8 Legal in North Carolina?

Yes, delta-8 is legal in North Carolina. Like hemp-derived CBD, delta-8 isn’t listed as a banned cannabinoid in the Farm Bill. This is why the compound is Federally legal. On top of that, North Carolina state law doesn’t explicitly mention a ban on delta-8, which is why you can readily and easily find it in the state.


If you’re looking to try the different medical marijuana and hemp products in North Carolina, the delta-8 selection might be the best pick for you. While delta-8 hemp products aren’t as strong as delta-9 options, they do offer psychoactive effects, and they are readily available in North Carolina. Now that you know all the best options available for you, it might be time to head out and choose the right pick for your needs.

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